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Wreck It Ralph -

Hey guys, so here's the next addition to Popped Culture., Wreck-It Ralph!

"After Ralph saved Sugar Rush, his new role as a 'Good Guy' was headed in the right direction. Putting the Wreck-It lifestyle behind him reminded Ralph how much better it felt not to use his massive-hands to solve problems for once.

But not everyone was happy, especially Ralph's self-bettering group member, M.Bison from the Street Fighter fame. Bison was furious with Ralph, considering him a traitor for how he forgot the gang of videogame villans he once called 'friends'.

In return, Bison sent out his two henchmen, Vega and Balrog, to enter Ralph's world and kidnap his friends, Fix-it Felix and Vanellope.

After Felix and Vanellope were kidnapped and brought into Bison's realm, Ralph knew what he had to do. Ralph was forced to turn back into what he was always known for: a Wrecker.

Ralph then entered the realm of Street Fighter, as Bison had hoped, and for what felt like years, fought his way through any of the fighters that Bison sent his way. From the Alphas, to the Turbos, and even the Marvel Vs.Capcom collection. Over the years, Ralph fought and defeated any of the challenges that opposed him. He also lost great friends, such as his mentor and leader, Ryu.

But as many obstacles Ralph went through, he would not stop until he found and defeated M.Bison."

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Reduce 'em all to Pixels Ralph.
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Hokuto No Ralph
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Tagline: My name is Ralph. And i'm gonna Wreck it.
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Let's just gloss over the fact that Vanellope has once again been imprisoned, and this time even abducted.
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The best Anime ever read. 
XxRobotChaoxX's avatar
i'm gonna MotherFucking Bust your Wrecking Face off of you BOY
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This isn't disturbing. This is just overall BADASS!
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Holy shoots. Terrifying
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Ah there goes my childhood
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Cool! I liked!
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when you have hands as big as him, your fists are dangerous destruction weapons
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Time to save the Arcade.
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Im seeing shades of luther strode
NeArVe3's avatar
Cartoon/movie vs reality
TheLegendaryLastMole's avatar
This. Needs. To. Be. DLC!
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This needs to be a movie
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No, I mean, DanLuVisaArt's version of it.
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Oml i love this movie!!!
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