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WWZ - The Battle of Yonkers -

By DanLuVisiArt
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This is the image I did, to get on the film World War Z with Marc Forster, director of Quantum of Solace. Can't say whats going on or what the outcome is right now.

I have to thank `Rahll for this one as he was there the entire time to back me up, help and come up with ideas. I really have to give him a huge thanks for this. For that, you became the retarded camera man.

And ~MexMarco for the help as well, when I felt down over the image in the beginning he really gave me a good speech that made me re-think it all over and eventually inspired me to finish it.

So enjoy guys :] Look for all the hidden goodies!!

DETAILS!: [link]

To read up on The Battle of Yonkers: [link]

Added two wallpaper versions for those of you asking :)
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Love this, the chaos of the battlefield with bullets flying everywhere, missiles exploding, tanks and attack helicopters blasting holes in the horde-even as a poster hanging from a building behind them just tells the truth. "The End is here"...

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Hybrid55555Hobbyist General Artist
Please make one with the army firing at zombies with the S.I.R and the Kevlar B.D.U
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To bad the Air Foce didn't deploy B-52's or the army use MRL batteries to rain down High-Ex and WP on the horde.
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Hybrid55555Hobbyist General Artist
You got to make one with the new army, the SIR and the cherry pie 5.56 rounds
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( Sherman whit rocket : caliope )*
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The background tank is a sherman m4 ???

Very good work !!
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Hybrid55555Hobbyist General Artist
That's actually a BFV (Bradley Fighting Vehicle). Wainio mentioned it in his first interview
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Yeah ! ok thank for the reply. : )
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Hybrid55555Hobbyist General Artist
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Sorry to be that guy.......
.....there were no snipers on rooftops......
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This is so fucking awesome! :)
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I am the only one noticing the cameraman going all like, "yeah this is totally fine" 
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NoOneImportant7897Hobbyist Traditional Artist
5this is awesome!
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Holy shit! epic and great art work, congratulations!
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Amazing! The attention to detail is staggering. 
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Wow. You don't get paid enough to do this. Unless you do, in which case... you still don't get paid enough.
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TheDarkWeponHobbyist Writer
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N0b1eRebe1 General Artist
love this part of the book
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colin6969Hobbyist Photographer
Great battle scene !
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In almost every zombie apocalypse story I have read or watched the army is quickly overwhelmed by the aforementioned zombies. To simply put, I find it hard to believe that a hoard of zombies could easily overwhelm some of the most well equipped and well trained armies in the world.           
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N0b1eRebe1 General Artist
The army wasn't prepared for fighting zombies. All military tactics and weapons are made for fighting humans, physically and physiologically. When you fight zombies, they don't care if you blow there chest full of shrapnel, they just keep coming. The battle was a misguided attempt to ensure to the public that the government had everything under control, and they wanted to show they were the biggest and baddest force on the planet. In short, they had to much and none of what was necessary, it was just for show  
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There were really only 2 mistakes during the battle (ignoring the damage to the zombies by weapons, the realness by the Land Warrior System, the IQ of the people in charge) 
The Air Force 
And the kill zone
During the battle the Air Fore played little, only F-35 showed up at the last scene for a bomb run that killed a pretty impressive amount the Zombies, and nothing else. There was no air recon, no strategical bombing, no CAS or any sort of things that made the US chop up Iraqi forces so easily during the Gulf war or the War in Iraqi. 
And the kill box, in the book, it appears to be that everything was concentrated to be fired at the front line, the ONLY front line with sandbags, trench line after a line of Humvees, Bradley and Abrams. But again, it could be that this was from a single soldier's view, it could be they are firing at farther away. But the by the fact there are litterly a long line of millions of zombies, they were not firing further away. Only focusing fire right infront of the troopers. 
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