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Hey guys! So here's the promised VENOM TUTORIAL for: [link]

Was all done in Photoshop, in about 8 hours.

Hope ya dig!

Link to download chalk brush: [link]
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Thank you so much for it! I will have to try your process sometime. (I'm not expecting to be anywhere near as proficient as you are, O Master.. :iconworshipplz: :icondanluvisiart: )
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awesome tut,, thanks  kaomoji set 2 18/67 
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this is So helpful! thank you.
do you do videos too?
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Wonderful :) 10/10
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Nice! how come I never found you before? XD Can u give me your opinion about my work? do you think i can paint like you or sakimichan or sandara someday? :/ 
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will i ever get make art like this >.>

maybe 1 day...
1 day....
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I can almost hear him screech.
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So very awesome!!
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how to you get rid of the line art?
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So beautiful~ 
just so~ *faints*
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This is awesome. Which Photoshop did you use. Cs4, Cs5?
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THANK YOU for this tutorial! I haven't used it to paint Venom, or anything nearly so spectacular, but the brushes and sizes and resolutions listed have helped me finally overcome what has always stumbled me up with Wacom tablet drawing: how do draw an image that is high-resolution, yet have the brushes soft and sloppy enough to draw an initial sketch. I now realize it's okay to draw in low-res at first, and that's a MASSIVE help. The chalk brush is also a great tip--who'd have thought? :D 

I paint in GIMP 2 with a Wacom Bamboo Touch tablet. I'll be checking out your other tutorials, and already have a picture I like enough to continue painting and eventually post. Avengers and Spider-Man are my big fan things right now, as well as Deadpool. =)
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can someone make video tutorial please?
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The best bro!
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Thanks this gives a very neat perspective of how professionals work, along with some fancy tips!
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I'll definitely try this! Thx Dan!
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