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The Race -


Something new I wanted to try, again..trying different things. More vehicles and incorporation of environments. Originally the background in this was for the CgTalk Design contest, but I never got around to I used it in this.

But, as always..enjoy guys. Took about a day and a half to paint :)


Thanks *Rahll and *PearlPhoenix

Fixed and redrew the entire building, thanks for all the crits guys!

Racers included:

Ferrari, Lambo and Subaru
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I really hope this ends up inspiring a video game in the future, it looks like a mix between Wave Race with F-Zero speed and some sort of temporary hovering feature.
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Reminds me F-Zero.
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I have a new item on my Christmas list ;P

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Love these speeders. I like the design aspects of them. Its not just fast ships made of functional pieces of metal, they actually have an appealing commercial aesthetics design in mind.
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That's a nice spot for a Ferrari symbol! :iconbadassplz:
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Reminds me of the "Hydro Thunder" arcade game by Midway, nice.
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that's awesome ferrari
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Turn this shit into a Video-game...NNNOOOOOOOOWWWWW!!!!!
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This is so frigging awesome.....
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Awesome!!! THIS SOOO Reminds me of a movie I saw before :D Um... With little jets and children... Can't remember but the fact that the car designs are based on cars too makes me love this more :D
YOU have my FaV
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Now, this is what I am into....good work, man.
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Looks like a race around Thunderbird Island!
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Very cool, beautiful craft design and wonderfully set within that environment too
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Awosme rendering
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To quote myself when i set eyes upon this picture.

"That is unbelievably gorgeous"
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I hope we all have cars like this in the future :D
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