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The Journey Begins -

By DanLuVisiArt
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For a contest!
*crosses my fingers* wish me luck!

Programs Used: Photoshop CS 2
Size: PSD=564 MB :[
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1232x2128px 1.18 MB
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dat moss texture

and the consistent detailing from algae up-close to distant greenery. Also tiny third and fourth team members for scale/distance ref.
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NicksFluffyShitHobbyist General Artist
How long has it taken you to make it, bro? :3
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EphemuraiHobbyist General Artist
Dear merciful art gods! how do you do the water?
AngeloLakey's avatar
dude,I've been in love with this picture since i first saw it on my Art Institute of Pittsburgh Mousepad xD
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
DanLuVisiArtProfessional Digital Artist
Haha oh good. Good thing this wasn't bought by them or anything. Glad they're using my art :[
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GrieveraStudent General Artist
damn how much time you spend for it !
milloan's avatar
dude, if you don't win the contest, i will cut out the judges intestines, skip rope with them, then make him watch me crucify his family and finally set him on fire.
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OH, I was wondering if you checked out Francis Tsai's book. I'm working with it right now, it's a really great style. Your work reminds me of it.
GypsieOtter's avatar
Hope you get the contest, this is really wonderful. I love the rhythm of the water.
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MorefeousProfessional Filmographer
Oh god...Ive already given u the award
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iatemypencilsProfessional Digital Artist
smokin piece man!
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S7alker117Professional Writer
Just too awesome for words :)
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CoolBoysEntProfessional Filmographer
you will surely win
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danieltaylorHobbyist General Artist
there is like a hand shaped branch coming out from the left wall:) reallly awesome
aretoon's avatar
aretoonProfessional Digital Artist
It has a drawing quality, color scheme and an awesome composition, not to mention how detailed it is
5 thumbs up!
JefRchrds's avatar
JefRchrdsProfessional Digital Artist
if you dont win, ill throw up on myself. :/
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HessmixHobbyist Digital Artist
Don't know if anyone has mentioned this but the guy's face reminds me of Commander Shepard from Mass Effect. Not completely cause its not a twin like resemblance but there's some similarities.

But it is an amazing piece.
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This is still one of my favorite pieces from you and after coming back from seeing avatar, I wish the human side was developed more artistically, like this.
0wnenstein's avatar
They are very retarded if they don't let you win.
scrapmental's avatar
dope universe like it allot
Sircarlsson's avatar
I wanna be there, exploring an alien world.
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Jesusdragon737Hobbyist Photographer
Reminds me of Mass Effect.
Fenix007's avatar
Well damn, i have NO idea what i am looking at...BUT IT LOOKS AWESOME! Like Mass Effect meets Crysis, and AvP!
I'm afraid i will just have to favorite it :)
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SchneeKatze09Hobbyist Digital Artist
That backgrounds amazing I bet that took you a very long time!!
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