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The Final Challenge -

Been very busy with work as of late, hence the slow down in art, so I cooked this up during the weekend. It's another attempt at a less realistic style, more fantasy, etc. I don't do much of this type of stuff, so it was very refreshing.

Never let anyone stand in your way, I guess is the message here ;)

Enjoy guys :)

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Woooow!!!! you are awesome!!!
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Why does this not have more likes!!! This is phenomenal!!!!
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Faves, not likes, dear ^^. Since I just took a glance at your site, say, how old are you? Don't worry, all fine but I know a youngling on dA when I see one :D Oh, and 




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Hawk-Eye Gough: "Ahh, Dragon Slaying, Knighthood's highest calling."
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Don't use a sword, use a toothpick ;)
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Your talent and imagination are what this world needs! Please continue to inspire and excite us!
hope he brought alot of health potions...
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yep hes fucked
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Skill and vision make for an amazing piece of art
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for a second i thought that little guy was thor cause of the blonde and the red cape. but its not. still a very good piece.
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No way his gona defeat that thing.
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Great illustration :) I like it

Carried in Cruzine: [link]
well.... that's Alice... right?
Alice versus the Jabberwocky??.....
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never thought of it that way..but now that gives me an idea, haha. thanks!
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"Never let anyone stand in your way, I guess is the message here."

Yes. That poor dragon needs to be more confident in himself, not let that pesky human get in the way of his lunch.
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that's so AWEEESOMEEE!!! O.o
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Looks great, but how is that knight going to win that?
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that seems like impossible odds
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i bet 20$ for the knight.
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Sweet merciful jeebus, i feel sorry for that guy XD
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