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The Dark Knight -


This piece is special to me.

When I first painted the Joker, I wanted to portray the quintessential villain. For me, I think I did alright in showing that. But that wasn't because of talent, or any of that. it's because of how amazing a character Heath Ledger made him.

When I painted Batman, it was different. As a child I've always been into Batman, ever since I first saw the original Tim Burton adaptation. I had all the toys, the Batcave, the Batmobile and I would just lay on my stomach for hours in the living room playing with them.

I once even believed that my Batman figure (with grappling hook) could help my dad get back inside our locked house. Thats how much I believed in him.

I used to draw him a lot, make up my own comics (Batman vs The Crow, Batman vs Judge Dredd, batman vs Street fighter) and just grew obsessed with him.

Time passed, and I went into other things, but Christopher Nolan really brought back the Dark Knight to who he truly is. And I hope I achieved that for Batman, because I know how easy it is to fuck him up.

Enjoy it =)
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