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The Bounty Hunter

By DanLuVisiArt
Over the course of 2016 I'm going to build a tiny series based off what I think could be a fun Boba Fett story, accompanied with art. While the chances of me ever designing or contributing to the upcoming stand-alone Fett film may be slim, this is purely based off my passion for this beloved character, his image, and the history (or lack thereof) surrounding him. To me, a Fett movie should be modeled like a revenge-Western film. Where Fett is an anti-hero, doing something good not for himself, but for someone pure and relatable to his own life.

Try not to take this too seriously, as this is mostly for me, but I wanted to share it with you all. So here's a brief synopsis below and the first image of the series, of what I think could be a fun Fett movie.

Oh and Disney: I'd fight through a Sarlaac to work on whatever movie this is and/or graphic novel as long as it included Mr.Fett. Childhood bucket-list dream of mine.
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Amanda-Kulp's avatar
Makes me think of the game Destiny. 
buried-legacy's avatar
Nicely done. Bravo
wolfheart01's avatar
Barocka's avatar
Boba Fett, cool :D
AgentSteve93's avatar
huge fan of Fett in a cloak, outstanding work! 
Kagehiisa's avatar
Boba Fett is wearing a cloak and is fooling NOBODY!!!
TayzeJacksonBell's avatar
Boba doesn't need to fool anyone.  
shadowsinthedark123's avatar
love the color's and also love how he's wearing a cape to cover his armor and somewhat cover his helmet. loved boba fett at first sight since i love to see armor and also because he's quite mysterious every time you see him. love every piece of artwork from you and can't wait to see more.
Galinas-Claim's avatar
Very cool new disguise for Boba!  NICE!
Unkownbrony52's avatar
Your idea for that type of film sounds really fitting for the galaxy's greatest bounty hunter. And the art is outstanding. Nicely done. :-)
cellester's avatar
love the cloak!
DuskyLore's avatar
It's really cool seeing Boba in a more secretive light. I wonder what planet he's on right now...
buried-legacy's avatar
My guess lower corasaunt
Vizionary89's avatar
Very interesting take on Boba Fett.It's as if we are traveling into the mind of Boba and Seeing how he uses all of his skills in order to collect on his bounties very nice.
Wysto's avatar
Quick!! Jar Jar is behind you!!

Goldham92's avatar
classic Baba Fett, awesome!
TheUnusualGoth's avatar
Pretty epic detail in well.. everything here. 
Love this all ye artwork~
DiddyKongMonkey's avatar
Looking forward to your future Fett work
Daniel1014's avatar
this artwork ir great, as usual, so now I can't wait for the rest and the accompanying story!
OB1Knobby's avatar
Dude, as I'm sure you're aware, there's already a TON of Boba Fett fan art. Almost to a point where it's nauseating. And it all pretty much looks the same. Fett shooting a gun. Using his jet pack. Or more often than not, just standing around doing nothing but looking cool(he and Capt. Phasma are real good at that).

But this, this is SOMETHING! I mean, you've NAILED the iconic looks. And at the same time given us something new. This picture tells a whole story by itself! Skulking around this crowded marketplace on the hunt. Is he drawing his pistol cause he's been spotted or because the prey is in site? Until we get your story only the viewers can decide.

Also, I love the Ithorian behind him with the eye piece or cybernetic eye(I just can't tell). Either way, so damn cool.
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