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More art from my book LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter

After the outburst of support for my book, LMS:Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, and selling out of nearly 6k copies! (still shocked). We have decided to begin the second print run!

So if you are interested in purchasing this bible of a book, please go here: [link]

Thank you SO much from the bottom of my heart for all the continued love, support and great words. It means the world to me.

Enjoy Turk, a renegade biker who has a vendetta against his one former gang, after they leave him for dead.
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Losertry's avatar
sword is awesome
decptibot's avatar
He reminds me of Eddie Riggs.
KwAkthe1st's avatar
F-ing WOW!!!... Broha i so want you to hit up my characters in the near future...
EagleWingGallery's avatar
The lighting on the gloves is amazing.. Truly looks like leather. Love the the scratched in shark face on his cleaver/sword as well!!
MotionActa's avatar
Fortunato-Sors's avatar
Reminds me of Eddy Riggs.
YoshiMastar's avatar
Now that's a Dredd mouth right there
Kopheay's avatar
Please teach me.
cool man !!!! really awsome....
Reffelia's avatar
Im working recently in a artwork with wolverine and gambit... Looking at this is really inspiring
Max-Dunbar's avatar
Rad character. Awesome job
Death-Soldier101's avatar
I love the hair! You did a great job on that
marymo75's avatar
MauraxThexFrank's avatar
I like his band aids...
ZecaLineArts's avatar
kkkk fodão...kk Meus parabens!!
bawathor's avatar
It's so realistic, impressive, really, you're an amazing artist, continue /o/
H4rdQu0r3's avatar
wtf ur inhuman =0

your drawings are one of the best i've ever seen *-*
LC-creations's avatar
Man i love how you made the facial hair, so perfect! great pose.
TwoGunStory's avatar
Awesome reminds of the video game Brutal Legend !!!
Elegant-Ruin's avatar
This reminds me of Edgar Ramirez
Spells17's avatar
OMG OMG OMG. Is that real? Sooo lifelike... :faint: Must have taken too long! :O But still. Love it :love: :la: Well done you genius yooou!! :D
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