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No need to explain here, it's all on the image. Just like the brushes, if this helps, please fav and support it so more people can see it. Thank you!


When you go to the BLUR step, just do a normal BLUR effect. No gaussian blur, or motion blur. Just blur. I messed up when I wrote 15%
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Thank you!! I really admire this effect! Happy Lenny Emote (Small) 
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Can this also be done in FireAlpaca?
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I shall use this tutorial for a fake screenshot of a vintage-style cartoon
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When I go onto filter I can't see brush strokes, can someone help?
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You'll have to enable it in EDIT > Preferences > Plug-ins > Tick the box which says "Show all filter Gallery and Groups"
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Go to filter, then filter gallery. So Filter > Filter Gallery > Brush Strokes > Spatter.
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Thank you for making this =)!! 
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Just want to ask does this work on SAI too?
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Thank you! Always wanted to know this and walla! it's HERE!!
I used the technique here:…
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Just tried this with MangaStudio5, and while I need to play around with it to adjust for the different styles of filters available, this process shows real promise. Thank you!
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how exactly do you "blur?"
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it's just filter > blur
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Thanks for the info!
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Thanks a lot for this tutorial!
Don't forget to set your image to 8-bit otherwise you won't be able to use any of the brush stroke filters!
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what program/software??
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I think this is Photoshop.
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Great tip! thank you! 
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great tip! been wondering how to add more texture to my work i suffer from over blending atm so i'm working on that!
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