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November 3, 2009
Snowboarding With A Robot - by `adonihs
Featured by gucken
Suggested by ifreex
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Snowboarding With A Robot -

The title says it all. About a day of work.

thanks to the usual `Rahll
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MichaelVance-ART's avatar
Great work and really cool idea! Thumbs Up 
Oceli's avatar
paramortalics's avatar
What can I say. I know now the levels I must aspire to.
Cherry-dove's avatar

I really thought that it must be the screen-shot of a game but this is a pic made by you In a Day.  WOW!!!

You are seriously talented :) 
ReshZek200's avatar
A DAY?! You're unreal! You're amazing, dude! You should have your own game out, you're that good.
fillyfeill's avatar
Now you need him an SSX game and we are done!
You don´t get anything cooler than this.
Steroids98's avatar

I WANA TRY!!!!!!!!!!!
Pick me next plz :D
missingout's avatar
The composition is wonderful. My favorite thing about this work is that you took what most would think to be a ridiculous concept/idea and made it look amazing ^_^
JoeRL's avatar
That's the kind of friend I need.
Skaramine's avatar
You. Are. Amazing.
GabrieleB89's avatar
Like all says "EPIC"!
Xaii-Disconnection's avatar
This is a wicked concept.
that1artguy's avatar
Epic sense of scale! great, I love it
TheSangson's avatar
Hm.For me that would be probably about a YEAR of work..
JustArt27's avatar
this (and 10 other things in your gallery) just earned you a watch! bad azz!
omarvin16's avatar
wow... awesome work man! :)
LazerFlip's avatar
Did I already comment on this one? I dunnow, still think it's awesome though :)
Xathso's avatar
"So what did you do during your vacation?"

"Oh nothing much. I just went SNOWBOARDING WITH A GIANT ASS ROBOT!!!!"

LOL, but seriously, this is a very awesome piece! Job well done!
AnnaRDunster's avatar
careful you don't get squished!
BeBernard's avatar
this is amazing!!!
keep uo the great work
rexgear's avatar
no se porque me acuerda al anime eureka 7
luthera's avatar
dude thats awesome.
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