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Secret Six Cover 12

By DanLuVisiArt
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Heres August's cover for Secret Six. Drawing a known name character for DC is pretty cool...wanted to tease at her, as we get to see more of her..later.

Hopefully her, um, twins, don't cover up the title!
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Incredible, the details impressive. the textures are just right.
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it is nice to put a face to my favorite art!!!
I never like wonder woman, that may change now.
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Just Awesome!
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I'm really jealous now. Wow.
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Awesome artwork. Fantastic job.
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Diana vs The Secret Six... hah, poor villains/antiheroes. Diana is just too much.
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Really stunning

But who is that white haired woman ??
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just wondering who is the knock up chic? looks a lot like black cat but then she's from marvel
Wonder Woman is pretty dam cool! I noticed her undies aren't the hot bikini material, it's that Bryan Singer Superman plastic shit! Still cool stuff
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The girl on the bottom left -- HER RIGHT breast, it looks like there's a little spillover with the paint?
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WOW... this image is stunning!
The way the golden thing on wonder woman's costume look so real. It feels like they are really moving.

Your works are awesome!
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WW moja najdraža!!
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one of the rest renders of wonderwoman i've ever seen
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