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Secret Six 17 - Cat Fight

Hey guys, heres a cover for Secret Six # 16. Catman and Bronze Tiger duking it out. When I heard they were both going into the book, I just had to do a cat fight pic. Thankfully DC and Gail Simone got a big kick out of it ;)

took about a couple/few days.
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Think it's the perfect premise and is a great cover!
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WOW! Fantastic artwork. Love the concept & design of this piece.
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aside from the outstanding awesome of this, am I seeing something wrong with catman having two right hands?

flat out awesome either way
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Hahaha, "catfight" :) Really great sense of movement here though, especially with the tiger lunging at Catman. That wound looks like it would definitely hurt!
KevinGerardDesign's avatar
one of the nicest shit i've ever saw
Greedywoozle's avatar
Spectacular work, though the tiger has the wrong number of incisors. As I understand it, it's just a mask though, right?
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The slashed out hairs must have been a pain to get right but they add a lotta flair to the picture. Awesome job.
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Incredible details! Well done!
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did bronze tiger tear catman's nipple off? O.o
N-S-Alterici's avatar
It's Adam West!!!
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This is amazing illustration.
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Awesome! Great cover and finally some spotlight on Catman!
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Love that tiger :D
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Someone sure is hungry >.>
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Fucking awesome man :)
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Wow! Wonderfull fight and strong dynamic and power! i first thought that his left hand had something wrong but after i look better, i realise that his blades could be inside this monstrous tiger! hurting and unleashing the beast....The disproportion and the savagery of the assault is blowing! love this well made blood and the fur on tiger's head....Great job Adonhis! :hug:
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