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fanart of one of my favorite games and characters. 
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Woow! Amazing!! :D
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Magnificent. He's returning to where it begins for him. In MGS 4, this part of the game made me teary, and even cried.
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he looks great!
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I love this, fantastic job!
CherrysDesigns's avatar
my favourite all time hero <3
thePatient312's avatar
Very beautiful! He looks so sad.
Dkundzinsh's avatar
I am playing Ground zeroes, really nice, but he seems a lot older in that game than in your painting, did he start young in previous games?
doctirderp's avatar
solid snake is a clone of big boss who is the main character in mgs 3: snake eater. solid and naked snake are clones of big boss, both solid and snake are the main characters in the first mgs
Tycholarfero's avatar
Well, the character in Ground Zeroes isn't Solid Snake, but Big Boss. I think this is Solid Snake as portrayed in MGS 2.
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Simply amazing one of my favorite games, and characters of all time too. I love the glint in his eye and the thousand yard stare, it's like he's looking at a new metal gear for the first time. Have you considered doing group rendition of the badasses of Snake Eater? I think your talent will definitely compliment their own unique character design.
LadyArmageddon's avatar
One of my favourite games and characters too! Ah you did him such justice<3 Love how you put the snow in, and of course beautiful shading and everything as usual!
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super awesome one :clap:
GODesigns87's avatar
Great Solid Snake design :wave:
Misty-Mirage's avatar
*screams* so cool
KhaoShar's avatar
"You should not smoke, Snake. The stuff is going to kill you."
mafer-farelly's avatar
B33ZL3D1CK's avatar
Amazing just simply amazing
AZTECH2009's avatar
Your art really blows me away. Amazing!
bachterman's avatar
you meant kurt russell?
InsaneTownPrjct's avatar
Awesome and astonishing.
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Wow, this is awesome!
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