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Robot vs Dino -

By DanLuVisiArt
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Heres another one I did for Privateer Press and their Monsterpocalypse series. Big ol fight in a city. Didn't design the characters, just rendered them in my style.

Enjoy! Took about 2-3 days as well.
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That robot is a little more something than a transformer
extrin6's avatar
it was so nice
Mechasduo's avatar
You did the are for this Monsterpocalypse pic!! Wow, I've loved this image since i started playing the game! Awesome job!
Mechasduo's avatar
typed too fast... Art*
StarbyStars's avatar
uuuuuuuuuuuugh I can't fuckng wait for Pacific Rim!!
spartan30gr's avatar
pacific rift!!!!xaxaxaxaxa.Awesome job.
IJS-Creations's avatar
DINO, for the win!
middleclasscyborg's avatar
there is something endearing about two monsters destroying a city...i think its the destroying part but i enjoy the monster part
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This is totally unrealistic. That dinosaur is clearly an herbivore.

Oh wait, does go half blind during mating season, like the moose?

Kill it.
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I've had fights like these alot with my sister...usually over the tv remote
Cyber-Scream's avatar
This is so frickin epic...
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This stuff is intense, epic even.
BanesShadow's avatar
Looks like Transformers Vs Godzilla lol seriously the realism and epicness on this Pic is truly unbeliveable!!
distorted-monochrome's avatar
godzilla inspired hehe nicenicenice!!! :)
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Second freaking deviation that didn't show up in my damn inbox.. WTF.

Still epic, nonetheless. Robot FTW.
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This just emanates epic all over.
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