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Random creature -

I'm going to start uploading a bunch of creatures I did for some project that never went through. I thought they were neat and fun and I think you guys would enjoy them too! Did this in about a 5-6 hours.
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Good lookin' creature! I love the lights!
amadeus450's avatar
its like Cloverfield monster
franeres's avatar
Love the design
draft-drift's avatar
So real like. Good stuff, man.
AJtheartmelder's avatar
The arms look dangerously similar to my creature's.... v_v did u copy??
XD im joking :) But they kinda do.. Look at my creature
Lol,Good job though!!
Urzu6's avatar
Brilliant! Great movement with the use of motion blurs. Great textures and volume. I especially like that bit of light leaking in from behind its right shoulder.
kilo139's avatar
O_O *Screams in terror* *grabs Shotgun* *Runs further back* *takes aim* *shoots* *creature keeps comming* " oh shit im doomed....
Good work man
DaniellyBean's avatar
ohmagosh that looks so awesome!
Thugnastay227's avatar
this is beautiful yet scary at the same time. brilliant!
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QCreation's avatar
This is really cool! kinda reminds me of the cloverfield monster. Nice job
Airade77's avatar
Why the hell are you so awesome at this! U know that thing reminds me of the Cloverfield monster.
You're a fuckin genius!!!!
Li-Yu's avatar
Full view actually scared me quite a bit; it looks so REAL. O___O
AshRandom's avatar
That is TOTALLY badass.
skaldriv3r's avatar
holy shit.............
arisechicken117's avatar
Awesome, so realistic
This is awesome. What did yo do it in?
Forest-shrine-wolf's avatar
It looks abit like the cloverfield monster :D
notin2lose's avatar
That's exactly what i was thinking! :o
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