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By DanLuVisiArt
Painting I did for my Boba Fett series, post Sarlacc escape. 
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Wow he is really damage, He's bleeding, His helmet was damage, He lost his arm. He's still alive. but anyways, Nice Work

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Dag, the sarlaac messed him up good. Nice work. 
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I've always loved this story.
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,Pre Vizsla.
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Just awesomeeee!
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Great concept. Original Indigestion is perfect for illustrating what that would have been like.
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" fuckin' Sarlacc..."
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Is there any way I can buy any of your Boba fett prints?
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This is so cool *.*
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kinda has a dead space vibe to it. killer work, Boba with the no hand, no problem attitude... 
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Thank Mandalore for beskar'gam or there might not even be THIS much left of him.
EsorkZassinGonzalez's avatar
Gotta love Mando Beskar'gam, hm?
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That's got to hurt.  ;}
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Never run with scissors, kids
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came back from watching "Meet the artist -  Dan Luvisi" on youtube,  if you guys haven't watched it, do your self a favor and watch it...there is story behind the story.

And i can relate to every bit, as Albert says "I am thankful for all of those who said NO to me. Its because of them I'm doing it myself.” – Albert Einstein"
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how long does this take though
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Still love this piece, the tone and colors fit the series more then standard IMO.
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