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Here is some art I produced in 2012 for my IP, Redemption, which is currently under early development for film.
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Love the news about the film development.  AWESOME!

Also, do you play WARFRAME on PS4?  Some of the designs in that game remind me of these pieces.
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Looks sick, I really like your newer work, takes on a bio mechanical approach 
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Mid organic ? Wow yuk.
I love the drawing !
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Can you add an imdb link to the film that is under early development? (because all I can find is Redemption 2013)
How am I supposed to spread it via word of mouth if I don't know where it is?
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If you can get past me, I'll give you a snickers.
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I'm a total slut for badass looking powered exoskeleton suits. This gets two thumbs way up for me.
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looks like a warframe
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Good art, Resembles an Excalibur with Nova's Slipstream Helmet though.

Also... Is this a guy, or a Girl?
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I hope this becomes part of the main product, it looks awesome.
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Warframe this, warframe that. :P
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I see your point. Warframish in design.
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Warframe what exactly? Art is awesome though.
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Nice job! the organic sort of feel reminds me of the game Warframe
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Beautiful work. The "organic" quality of the character's suit calls to mind the designs of the Metal Gear Solid series and, for me, possibly also Shin Megami Tensei.
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Amazing artwork! Where are you located. Love to have you do Artist Alley at some of our Comic Cons! for info!
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BADASS! He should be in Warframe!
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