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One of the reasons why I've been so quiet is because of the next project, a stand-alone book I am creating, REDEMPTION.

Enjoy this first piece.
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Everything you did on this picture I love it
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Reminds me of Halo
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As Bowman sat and leaned against the wall after patching up his last wounded brother in arms, he flipped his visor up and looked out into the carnage and gore that he and his brothers fought off. He looks at his bloodied, torn gloved, hands and sighed. Being a combat medic wasn't easy, but he never thought for a moment he wouldn't fail his friends, his brothers.

'If we don't get the right to go home after this...I'm gonna show what happens to a man when he wakes the wrong dog.'

(And the dog thing: its a proverb. when you have a bad habit and a good habit. you want to be good but the bad habit is always begging you. well you have to fight one or the other. and the won you want to become is the one you feed.)
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A medic, huh?
He must have seen quite a few incidents to make that stare.
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it be cool if there were weapon lasers all over his body implying there's dozens of enemy troops surrounding him, awesome piece dude
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That would be cool.
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Awesome! He looks very battle-worn.
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Looks like Chris Evans XD
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F**king awesome!!
I'm not sure if I should call the cops or not because this looks like you took a guy in uniform, beat the shit out of him and then took a picture...
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There are no pictures with this high of resolution! (except ones that cost bunches of money)
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I already did :3
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FOR EMPEROR AND IMPERI-...Oh nvm it isn't WH40k...
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very nice Picturea

but here both bullet holes on left side have wrong shadows and rise up
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Fantastic detail.
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When can we expect this to come out?
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