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Pumkin King

Art for my book Popped Culture. Help support it here, only 19 days left!…
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Absolutely love this. Nightmare Before Chritmas is my favorite movie of all time. <3 *

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This.... is AWESOME!!!!!
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Funny thing is this one's really not that different from the regular Jack Skellington.
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I love the nightmare before Christmas
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this dont destroy my childhood like the other he just look badass and epic
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this is amazing ;3;
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Finally! A Popped Culture that isn't nightmare fuel!
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Coolest Jack ever!!!
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Wow, Jack really rocks in this painting :D
That's really awesome :meow:
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Wow, this is gorgeous! Your handling of lights and darks is lovely :aww:
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Regrets of a criminal mind. Thats my title for this one.
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 Will he let me give him a hug?
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I've been staring at this for a good 15 minutes now. Feels like ol' Jack is staring back...
Amazing work! :star:
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Now this makes me wonder if he's got some dark backstory...
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Won't ya please make way for a very special
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Coming here and seeing dumb comments makes me really sad, I just wanted to say this is my favorite character from all that you have draw and I absolutely loved! And is not just this one all your works are extraordinary! And i'm happy I found your deviantart, nah, i'm happy I have found your art.
Sorry my bad english. And keep your fantastic work!
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I always had a theory that Jack was really Jack the ripper and spring-heeled Jack before he mellowed out. Goes with the bit about being "known throughout England and France." This piece of art helps remind me why I think that could be a possibility.
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I KNEW he was Slender Man!
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Oh! I love the little touches you always do on these. Now you have a much more macabre Jack Skellington taking a selfie, I love it!
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