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Popped Culture - The Mountain vs Blue Viper

Never got a chance to finish this, but in honor of tonight's Game of Thrones premiere (or last night, if you want to be snarky), I give you The Mountain, vs The Blue Viper.
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Not so sweet know is he?
V1EWT1FUL's avatar
i got scared of that big freak once, this is really not helping little kid me
bvanhorn's avatar
I just had coffee shoot out of my nose I was laughing so hard.  

Well done, good sir!
Joshmoe93's avatar
Elia Martell. I raped her, then I killed her screaming whelp. And then I smashed her fucking head in. Like this!
This is an absolute masterpiece that should be in the Louvre.
ideosynk's avatar
I didn't think you'd be able to top No Country For Old Muppets, I stand corrected. You are one hilariously goofy bastard for this. LOL
Psychoboy07's avatar
Some lady friends were behind me when I first found this. They wanted me to tell you that you're a sick man and they want to bear your babies.

Keep up the excellent work, you sick, sick person. :)
"And I crushed your childhood, like this!" 
mustafa931's avatar
WAHAHHAHAHAHAHA :D İ imagined that in his voice :D
HynMayProductions's avatar
ha... haha... so not cool... That was a pretty dramatic scene! :P
Vandal030's avatar
FataLacrime's avatar
saddest story ever..
Mononoke-Kitsune's avatar
I hate you &
I love you.
Like GoT.
Damn it.
theBellhop's avatar
Smashing art, but that scene was so brutal. rip blue/red viper
Sexual-Yeti's avatar
WHOA! It's not only culture that's popped.
bnka's avatar
I guess he deserved XD
CrwnPrince's avatar
Are you serious? You just shred our childhood!! Lolololololol!
Great imag though!
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Ramott's avatar
That's gotta hurt.
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