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No Country For Old Muppets -

Another Popped Culture piece! No County For Old Men is one of my favs, so I had to pay homage.

"After the success of their first parody, Drive, the Muppet gang decided to dive into another.

Tired of performing the same routine comedy roles, Fozzy Bear wanted to try something new. He suggested portraying the role that was brilliantly captured by Javier Bardem, as infamous hitman Anton Chigurh in the Coen Brother's crime-drama, No County For Old Men.

Gonzo was not pleased that he would have to die, again."
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zKinskii's avatar
Oh shit, that is awesome!
I enjoyed this!
Bigusdikus's avatar
gave me a good laugh the first time seeing it,i always knew Fozzy was a psycho :D 
DragonesSaurusRex's avatar
JulioDionizioArt's avatar
whats the most you ever lost in a coin toss?
Wow...I'm speechless.
ideosynk's avatar
How did this not become a daily deviation? This is an astounding rendition of Chigurh. You've made some of my favorite pieces on this entire site, but this one takes the cake. Amazing.
goingpandas66's avatar
im stunned...... two amazing things come together!! <3 <3 <3 <3 I LOVE IT!!! >,<
ScribblerMather's avatar
Funny - this is actually more violent than the original scene!  Perfect juxtaposition of the muppets in a Coen Brothers movie and Fozzy as Chigurh.  
B33ZL3D1CK's avatar
Amazing looking and funny this made my night
Snail-mint's avatar
I....just loved it!!! * - *)
TheLastIronMan's avatar
Gonzo's really got the shit end of the stick lately, hasn't he?
dilosan1's avatar
neil78b's avatar
Fozzy Bear really looks like the guy from that movie in this scene. Spot on.
Ardate's avatar
Oh my, this is impressive!
And that's funny to see Fozzy Bear as Anton Chigurh, since No Country For Old Men is my favourite movie :D
Darkcyde1102's avatar
nyaryun's avatar
damn i love how the blood looks lol
neil78b's avatar
dafuck...the moment you realize you're a psycho, lol.
nyaryun's avatar
hahah i already realized that ;) jk jk
neil78b's avatar
You're trying to play it off, too late  XD
nyaryun's avatar
it took you a month to reply!! haha
neil78b's avatar
I'm on vacation almost half the year, every year, I don't have much time to waste replying to comments.  Too busy out having fun. :D
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