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My Brush Pack 2.0

HIT THE DOWNLOAD FILE BUTTON TO..WELL, DOWNLOAD. Don't know why I have to explain that, but hey, it's the internet.

Also, please FAV and SHARE if possible. I get asked nearly every day, so I want this to get around. Thanks dudes <3

Hey guys. So a lot of people have been like "Omg Loovisi what brushes do you use?"

These ones. Enjoy.

(PS: I did not create all of these, only some of them. Inside are brushes from Reid Southen, Jaimie Jones, Kekai Kotaki and more. Most of which you can find online. Thanks dudes, love you.)

(PPS: Having specific brushes doesn't mean you'll paint better. It's how you use them. I only really use one or two brushes, and they're in the chalk-set in the beginning. Hope that helps)

(PPPS: I'm not sorry for the image I used of my Ernie painting. May he rot your dreams.)
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thanks . Beautiful

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Thank you, Dan!

Obrigado pelo brushes:hug:, estou começando agora na jornada dos desenhos digitais.

tks my brother!

thanks for being so kind to share :0

Muuuuito obrigada!!!

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thanks for the help,i think this will be very usefull to me

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Thank you so much. I've been using just the basic brushes for years and this will save me sooo much time and effort.

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Your brushes wont download whats up with that

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nevermind, I reloaded the page on chrome and it gave me a no pipe was found error on mac but its appears its working

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Vim pelo Brush Rush ;) Obrigadoo

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