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Art from my next book POPPED CULTURE. 

To help me continue to build this book, please go here:…
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I watched the movie before it was kinda good i mean i really liked it

I bet he's probably on the lookout to seek clones of his dad as the Terminator (or in this case The Goofinator!) in the not too distant future. I'll be back, son! Ahyuk!

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Wow! Hes real mad!
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I can see this as the perfect follow up to this:…
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Oh My God, PLEASE make a new version of Immortan Joe too! I'd love to see that!
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Ahaha! I love this! I would watch it so hard.
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Wow, the new Goof Troop reboot looks edgy!
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Max is really fed up with Goofy's crap
Maximilian! Go to your room this instant!
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Oh, now I get it!!

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I love this so much. This made my day. XD
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...Okay gave me a giggle XD 
That took me a while before I got it... now I'm ROFL mode X'D
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i dont know why its look more badass the most you look at it, i just dont!
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hhahahaa this is just great!! awesome!
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Oh man. I had to stop what I was doing the other day to gawk at this. I keep going back to it because I believe this is probably your best use of expression in a piece, or at least my favorite.

First of all, the color palette is GREAT. I can tell you put a lot of time into choosing the right colors. I know this is based off of Fury Road but I can tell you tried not to do a simple re-draw of a screenshot. We all know you're above that sort of thing. The composition of Max is awesome because he's not smack dab in the middle; if his glare was located in the center it would've drawn too much attention to itself and we wouldn't have been able to appreciate everything else. Besides, the off-center angle helps the perspective.

I'll go from background to foreground.

The background is really great. The blurry, low-opacity strokes perfectly convey distance and the heat haze. You could've done this part of the piece (especially the truck to the left) a lot simpler, but your attention to detail bolsters everything and brings it together. Clearly Max is the strongest point of everything but you still took the time to work on that. If you hadn't the overall composition would've suffered overall, but it didn't. That's why you're a pro.

Now the beetle behind Max. Not too long ago I read this book on inking and frame composition by Klaus Janson, and in it he talks about conveying depth by mixing light and dark elements between foreground and background, so starting from a light foreground you switch to a dark background and so on. I see that here. Max has a darker palette and so do the vehicles in the background, but the beetle between them has a light color scheme and subtle lighting that reflects off those elements. Awesome!

Next is Max. Holy crap. You did such amazing work with his glare. I remember like ten years ago when we used to chat on AIM all the time. Back then –just as now– I thought your art was amazing, but for some reason I also thought you'd have some kind of trouble drawing cartoon proportions. Now I'm putting those words on a plate and I'm gonna eat them. Clearly you've been rocking it since you did the first Popped Culture piece, but it's the first chance I've had to tell you this myself. The brace looks excellent, especially those yellow strokes that look weird and sickly. I'm happy you didn't go with the usual rusty colors because this choice blends better with everything.

The only (and I mean ONLY) observation I could make is that there's something going on with his lower jaw and his chest. If you want me to be REALLY nitpicky, I think the lighter area on his chest could get confused with his lower jaw, namely because the shading for the lower part of the face is the same for the neck. So it can look like he has a huge pelican chin. Maybe if you went for a darker color on the neck? Or maybe if you used some lines to represent the lower jaw (which is weird to do because of the Goof Troop proportions). I'm adding a quick doodle I did to tell you more or less what I meant.

All in all AMAZING work, Daniel. I'm getting back into digital art as of late and it's always a great source of inspiration to see all the hard work you've put into your craft. You deserve every bit of success that's come your way.
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"I come a world of fire....and Powerline."
Great, now I want to see a version with Max, Roxanne as Furiousa, Pete as Immortan Joe, and Bobby as Nux.  Fantastic work!
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