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Anubis meets Mechagodzilla :p
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mecha-dog-zilla :)
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Very much makes me think of Anubis.
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Amazing work!
And the cat in his arm is a lovely idea!
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Have you ever played Zone of Enders for the ps2? (fantastic game) There is a mech suit called Anubis that this picture reminds me of. Great artwork as always, I love the clean and precise look of your style.
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goddammit, Gizmo is probably the only chara i am super curious about but yet, won't get to see D':
*lives poor and too faaaar away*
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dude if your whole graphic novel is going to have illustratios with mad details like this one, save one book for me PLEASE!
Awesome work.
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Awesome character concept, love all the little scratches in the metal as well. Keep it up! :)
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Wow, I like a lot. He makes me thinking to anubis, but robot.

Great work!
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Hmmm...I'm just wonder if it's R...O...or Ro, as in Ororo.


Well, either way he's quite interesting.

^ ^
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Fahrenheit 451?
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Fahrenheit 451?
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next time, film it to show us how you do it !!
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i know this is completely yours, and i'm sorry, but when i saw this it totally reminded me of starfox. oh the good old days..
anyways, this is so amazing! the color is fantastic, and i love how there are so many details and they all look lovely!!
i cannot wait to see this thing go beyond expectations!
LMS for the win!!
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awsome texture, how do you do that?!
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oh wow...him and gabriel are no doubt my favs :)
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Omfg.. GIZMO is in there?!
I'll buy the book just for that!
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looks more like a Kangaroo to me :P probably cuz im Aussie i guess,, AWESOME STUFF MAN
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I feel it's a little weak for you dan. Something doesn't look right, not really feeling it
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wow,grandiose !
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Hooray! Robots!
Seriously, this is cool!
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