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reminds me more of sara jean underwood over paris hilton.
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I'm curious as to how people are seeing any resemblance to Paris H. For one, their nose shapes are completely different, as well as jawline - along with some other minor differences. The only thing they have in common is ethnicity and hair color.
Stonefishking's avatar
unbelievable. I think you may be from a different planet.
psyjunta's avatar
Wow. I had to check which section this was posted in. I still can't believe this is actually drawn by a human being
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Dear 'Adonis, I like your work ...

This picture is fun, because Sophia looks like Elodie Gossuin (a former Miss France)

But you put the logo of the Hells Angels is a registered trademark, and you have no right to use this image
Naminiha's avatar
Very good work. It's so realist !
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how does one get a high-rez version of this image?
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for a non-real girl, she sure is a hottie.
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she looks alittle like paris hilton
VoydKessler's avatar
Is that a Hells Angels death head on her coat?
Nexusthelizard's avatar
shes fucking hawt bro lol this is amazing all your LMS stuff incredible
Chulala's avatar
damn it looks so real, I thought you have hired a model to pose for ya!
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24doves's avatar
Really pretty (: Love the freckles :D
julmend's avatar
wow! que realista!
Anichkawillbiteyoo's avatar
dude! Thats mind blowing. The detail makes all the difference - i love how the neckband reflects onto her skin. How the hell is it possible to get this done on photoshop hm?
vhnori's avatar
o.o i'm sorry. This is lovely. And very impressive. but i can't get over the fact that she looks like paris hilton. with freckles.
sl33p1e's avatar
I was thinking the same thing!
It's probably because of the pose, 'cause I think that's a Paris Hilton "signature" pose xD...
MaLize's avatar
Awesome. But I'm sure you already know :P
lordchaoz's avatar
I wonder how many people thought this was paris Hilton?
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damn she is hot :P
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que maravilha de desenhos!!!!
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