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LMS PREVIEW 27, 28, 29 -

Here are 3 (out of 4, you've seen Jiro the Bunny) of Pandemonium's last ruthless villains. Dante is the only one not shown yet.

Abaddon - The ruthless psychopath that is Dante's 2nd in command.

Karma - The shape shifting cyborg-spy.

Pain - The crazy insane scientist who's caused genocide from his messed up invention.

One more big row left, then the final reveal!


LMS-Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter comes out July, 2010!

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used here


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Karma is too awesome XD... can't wait to see more of her.
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Love the artwork...but there's something really cheesy bout calling a character "Pain"
Abaddon? as in Abaddon the Despoiler of the Black Legion????
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Really good work man. Love the movie like quality. Nice job!
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dude whats that thing surrouning pain it looks like a creature
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Am I the only one who thinks that Pain looks like Quan Chi from Mortal Kombat?

MonkeyKing2007's avatar
Megan Fox for Karma in LMS Movie?
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i dont even know what to say about ur art
the textures u do and how diversified yet realistic u can get all the features of ur characters is astounding
and the graphic novel theyre all in sounds amazin cant wait to read it
seems like a mix of the dark doomed blade runner world with the futuristic nuance of mass effect
keep up the amazing work man

and if its not too much trouble to ask about a tablet since u seem to pretty much know all there is about thm
does this seem like a good piece of hardware cause ive been savin up for it---> [link]
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
Hey thank you for the great compliment! Sorry for such a late reply. But yes, that tablet is great. So it would be worth the money :)
Xerxan's avatar
no problem and thanks for the advice
cant wait to see the finished product
made sure every1 i know got a look at that sight
keep up the great work
check out my gallery if u get the time
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Fantastic artwork!
Amemo25's avatar
Abaddon´s face looks great !
H2plus's avatar
Love Abaddon. Do you mind if i post fanart of LMS, adonihs?
appelt65's avatar
Love your work!!!! awesome draw!!Fave of course!
Lessandra's avatar
Amazingly photographic like always! I especially liked Karma: you've captured the "shape shifting" part extremely well.
FLOODmeat's avatar
Jeshuss Crasht! Abbadon is simply badass!! Though Nikolai is still my absolute fav, and I think he's agoodie since he's in underground.
Xerces's avatar
Fantastic details! I love the blood for Abaddon, and the details to the other two look incredible. such realism t such sci-fi characters :D
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Omg, these villains made me hide in my blanket!! Abaddon looks insane! and Pain just looks like he's ready to just go crazy on people. Gabriel's going to have a fun time.
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Martyr, Doyle, Nikolai, Ronin, and Noa are my favorites so far (besides Gabriel) and now Abaddon joins the list. 'Can hardly wait for July to come around.
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Wooooo, those are beast drawings.
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Bro, these might be the most exciting previews I've seen yet! Abaddon's basically got me hard, good going!!!
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I am thinking that the Big Reveal is like a holographic form of Gabriel which has all of his stats maxed out, twice.
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