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LMS PREVIEW 23, 24, 25, 26 -

By DanLuVisiArt
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Hey guys, April 1st! New characters up!

Let's keep it simple, but I definitely suggest you check the bios we're getting to the serious characters here, the main ones.

RONIN - The Louisiana born, BFF of Gabriel, Cajun ladies man / werewolf. And when I say werewolf, I mean WEREWOLF, 8-9 foot tall, gut ripping, head chopping, leg eating, werewolf.

NOA - The ex-cop with a dark past. Ex-fling of Gabriel, She's also the sister of..

....LUCY- The hyper trained DELTA soldier, planned on taking down Armtech.

HEX- The creator of the world that all these characters live in. A being that watches over those that conduct violence and war, waiting for the one to come and help fix what Man has done.


LMS-Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter comes out end of summer, 2010!

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Can u drop the palette u used for this?
Masque-7's avatar
What type of masque would you say Hex is wearing? Im going to assume that its just his face but if you ahd to give a name to the style of mask what would you call it?
Absolutely love your artwork by the by
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I swear, whenever I am able to purchase your book I will...... 
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Do you do request? artwork request I mean?
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GILVERWrites's avatar
I like how you emphasize Ronin as a werewolf, btw who is Hex waiting for? who can help fix what man has done?
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A Cajun werewolf with a bestfriend that seems to be the baddest guy on the planet.

Suddenly, Ronin had a fan
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lucy looks like Gemma Arterton!
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I find myself wanting to glomp Hex. :3
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"Hex - the creator of the world that all these characters live in" you! :D
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Hex is epic I love it ^^
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the LAST.MAN.STANDING link doesn't show anything
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I can't wait to see Ronin's full body picture sometime.
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woah incredible. Detail is down to a freaking scar on Noa! awesome....
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Noa kinda looks like Natalie Portman to me lol
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
lol exactly who I want to play her ;) subconscious effect I wonder.
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whoa! You should totally make a movie too!
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
Haha we are! Paramount bought the film rights last year :) We're working on putting it together now!
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I god, yes. ._.
thatdude17's avatar
YEAHH!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
looking forward to seeing it!
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dammit! i wish i could do this type of art!
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