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Read more about her and other CHARACTERS ON LAST.MAN.STANDING


LMS - Killbook of a bounty hunter will come out end of summer 2010!

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Kinda looks like a young rhona mitra !

Awesome dude you inspired me to start drawing again : )
RedBlue101's avatar
Awesome, love it! I do some sketches but I'm too shy to put them up. my gallery is empty! Hats off to you Dan :-)
chitrakar15's avatar
kind of looks like louise cliffe
Levathia's avatar
the link doesn;t work :(
FrozenSymmetry's avatar
This is a photo- right? LOL
mlekowa's avatar
She looks like Kim Kardashian a bit :D
IJS-Creations's avatar
I'm sure that's cuz it is. ;)

There's some people on this page trying to speak for LuVisi, by saying that he "DOES NOT" use references... I'm about 98.9% sure(and would bet my rent money) that he does... we all do, in one way or another. It's just the way it is, and it doesn't make you any less of an artist admitting you do. It's just another tool in a wide array of arsenal we use. Shit, artists have been using them since the beginning of time. :D

It still takes a butt-load of talent to get your stuff to look as real as Dan's does... trust me.
ILL-I-AM's avatar
Dope... you use refrence pics?
tapper101's avatar
He never does, this is an original character made by himself. Yes, he's a genius haha.
FantasticNinja's avatar
Don't speak for him, you don't know if he does or doesn't.
IJS-Creations's avatar
Actually, HE DOES... he's even admitted it on his pieces descriptions(if anybody would bother to read :P). Even here, for instance...

Doesn't matter tough... he's still a phenomenal artist/designer. Kinda shitty that people act like you're a "cheater" or something if you use a reference photo/model. Some of my favorite/top artists use references(including myself). It's tough to make things look that "exact" or "precise", if you don't, at times.
tapper101's avatar
I do know that he doesn't, you moron. He rarely answers comments, so instead of having this guy waiting for an answer he's never gonna get (bare in mind he commented in 2010 - it's 2012 now) I choose to answer it for him as I knew the answer.
LunitaGothic's avatar
Always possible to do something impossible. =D like this!! look sooo real lol
Andantonius's avatar
Given the fact that you are posting on an account you created today, have no art in your gallery, and no reasonable evidence to suggest that you have any idea what the hell you're talking about, I'd advise you to just go away.

Adonihs does not lack considerable amounts of drawing skills. It is quite obvious he has a solid understanding of anatomy, form, color, light, perspective, and just about everything else. His finished works look good, and you can not cover up a bad drawing with good rendering, so his drawings must also be good.

His characters and anatomy look very natural, and it is impossible to create natural looking things if you don't understand why they look the way they do, a beginner drawing from reference just copies the lines, they do not understand why the lines are there, and as a result their figures still look, "awkward". Adonihs' do not.

And, I assure you, his success is not based around the dA community. I know artists that are similarly famous on dA and do not have huge production and motion picture companies looking at their personal projects. His success is based around the fact that he's amazingly skilled in his craft and is an extremely hard worker.

But, beyond this, I'm not going to bother arguing with you because, for one, he doesn't need me to defend him, his skills and success do it for him. And, for another, an argument against a successful artist coming from a totally anonymous account without any art to confirm the validity of their statements has no credibility whatsoever. So I'd suggest you not be such a dick, and have a lovely day.
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
thanks a lot bro, but don't even waste your time :)
Inked8's avatar
This is awesome.

She has a Rhona Mitra-esque quality.
Shikamaru-no-kage's avatar
Hey you are right ! I think its her + Eva Mendes ^_-
Xerces's avatar
Fantastic life-like pic! Lovely colours and details!
Karret's avatar
Gosh... everything you do looks so freakin real it's scary. @w@ <333
Neoism's avatar
"So she's like Gabriel's Morgan Freeman from the Dark Knight! But a hotter version"

There's a mental image in my head that I'll never get out now. Thanks!
My sisters name is Emma :3

and you know what's strange, this actually looks like her..... nearly...
EmiPark's avatar
I think you got a thing for brunettes.
DanLuVisiArt's avatar
Theres blondes in redheads in it too, we're not through the character list :P
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