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Gabriel from my book LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, out now:…
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is that Oda from Cyberpunk 2077

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I love how candies are falling form his pouch

Also it's nice to see body armour that works.

Très beau travail !

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I've been looking for this specific picture for years. I finally found it >_< YES!!. I really like all the little details..They say a lot about the situation and the armored character. I like it.
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That is Dope 💯💯
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These peoples' aim is worse than a Stormtrooper's. They can't even hit his visor
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I've asked around.

In a high velocity combat scenario, tapping a faceplate is hard.

Besides, who's to say its not armoured?

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This is like one of the most used image ever on the Internet and as always, no one credits the author.
That's a shame because this is just amazing
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Thats muy name :3
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Out of every picture, Painting and sketch I've seen on Deviant art his are the most badass ones yet
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What I wanna know is Gabriel's backstory
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Fucking rad, man!


Why are jelly beans spilling out of his pocket?
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I just noticed something after looking at this image again. On his right pouch, (our left) he has candy falling out of it since the pouch was shot! XD
MrUniverse73097's avatar
This image is absolutely bad ass! Astounding work!
VinnyTheGumdramon's avatar
Those are fucking airsoft mags.
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I just noticed that...
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Stunning work on this piece !
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