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LMS - Comic Con 2013 -

Hey guys! So here's the painting I did for the exclusive cover to the re-print of my book Last Man Standing: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter, which will be released by Dark Horse Comics at this year's Comic Con in San Diego!

Help support me and Gabriel's journey, so I can show you what a true badass can do and we can stop with these lame costumed heroes.

Hope you enjoy!

Pick it up starting this Wednesday in San Diego or Pre-Order here: [link]
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Those Weapons Are Badass Man I Love It

fucking amazing!!!
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Love the cigarette!
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What else can i say about your work? The badassness of your art is just awesome! For me, you're one of the best digital artist i've ever seen, if not the best. Keep up the good work dude!
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But Dark Hors Comics or I will destroy you and choking you with your own intestines !!!

(sorry for the errors, I'm French)
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Place your bets!!!
guartanajan's avatar
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from all the picture i seen yours are the best (y)
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This...... Is who will finally kill Master Chief hide 
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I wouldn't be surprised
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This looks like a Neill Blomkamp movie
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Those purity seals are great :D Absolutely magnificent work!
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Holy cows, brilliant! Just leaves people in awe. It's the small details that bring me to my knees...a shopping list on the DRA-GUN? This is too much badassery for me to comprehend! 
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Nicely done! It looks like he is fully loaded.
BlueDressWonder's avatar
lol i thought he had Twizzlers in his bag
ThePsychoArtist's avatar
Dude, he looks like a total badass! I love it!
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this is so freaking random @.@ I love it!!!
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Just received this edition in the mail, I freaking love it! Great work! :D
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Just kidding, it was your "stop sign" cover. Either way, I'm still loving the story and the art
o0Lonegamer0o's avatar
one hell of a con by the looks of it
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Oh my gosh. xD I love him. Right down to the scribbled pencil notes on his gun. XD :love: :love: :love:
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