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March 18, 2006
Observe and learn from the master. DETAIL AND FUTURE TUTORIAL.. by ¢adonihs...
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King Kong Detail -

2D Artist Mag [link]

a magazine for digital artist, soon there will be something involving this pic =) heres some full res details for you askers. itll be a big ass tutorial from start to be ready

enjoy :]

Original Piece: [link]

Thanks guys, wow :)
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frostcore79's avatar

Superb. You know, Kong had great taste in women.

MarcyEveret's avatar
jesus thats incredible
X-distroyer's avatar
Albion93's avatar
Spellbinding!! Heart Heart 

This looks like it could be a legitimate film poster from the 80s or 90s, or perhaps a special edition dvd/blu ray, magnificent work!! :D (Big Grin) 
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Lelu-99's avatar
Wow, so cool!!!!!!!!

gasp  Clap 
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Stunning detail, awesome work
OMGPOPZZZ's avatar
When i first saw this I honestly didn't think it was a drawing. This is crazy awesome! you are CRAZY TALENTED!
TheHiddenDandy's avatar
Just.. perfect; this is so far the best King Kong drawing that I saw
doctanx0013's avatar
Inspiring work dude :hug:
regenerstej1995's avatar
Wow! That's great!

Alas, Kong's legacy succumb to a tragic and unjust end. Damn that Carl Denhem
WaniRamirez's avatar
One of the best movie monsters ever
Wyld-Art-Photography's avatar
Absolutely amazing!!!!!!
MaruMaia's avatar
F*cking amazing...
BRUNOmarsFAN4's avatar
"it wasn't the was Beauty killed the Beast." carl denham-
regenerstej1995's avatar
What's weird is that they wanted Fay Wray to say that. At fist she denied, but then she considered it, and the shortly after died leaving Jack Black to take over like Robert Armstrong in the original.
regenerstej1995's avatar
Sorry, I meant first not fist.
mind is BlowN!!!!! LOL Awesome!!!!
ghpsy's avatar
The hair, man. The hair. How'd you do that? I mean, the whole piece is great... but when you zoom in to full size, the hair just stands out. Amazing indeed.
jvel4073's avatar
One of the most be love it, Love Story of All Time. GREAT PIECE OF ART WORK .A TRUE MASTER PIECE.:#1:
EsBest's avatar
This is wonderful and the tutorial is something i really want to try during my semester break.
FreedomForevermore's avatar
This movie was extremely breathtaking. The environment, the story, the music. One of the few movies to make me not only cry, but bawl.

This picture captures the movie's most beautiful scenes- and the colors are spectacular. How you did this is beyond me- You deserve praise. Well done, my friend.
MadelaineRose's avatar
I am speechless, really
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