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Just a Grunt -

By DanLuVisiArt
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Lets start this year off with a new painting.

I've always wanted to draw a grunt/marine in a drop ship in space.

So i wanted some close gritty feeling, as if youre the one staring at him.

You know he's going to fuck shit up ;) he knows it too.

Happy New Years guys!
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waypasthadenough's avatar
Reminds me of a movie I saw about Jesse James. After a confrontation in a saloon the man he almost fought said "I saw hell in his eyes."
Darkops13's avatar
So realistic eyes... wonderful
TheSpoonhead's avatar
I love how everything seems to be so dull except of the eyes, which are so sharp and sparking. What an intense look! Excellent work, very athmospheric. :)
Unam-et-solum's avatar
Love the detail in the eyes. Amazing job as always!
Opravdu's avatar
This is amazing! I love the gritty/honor of a simple soldier much more than the unstoppable super soldier (Master Chief)
HAHA1231312313111313's avatar
can you do you a full combat situation so that we know what is the grunt's armament and protection
Gunny-Kilroy's avatar
Amazing Art you got here man, Great job!
Ghillied-up's avatar
His eyes are amazing. Great job.
Seukonnen's avatar
I believe I saw this piece in someone else's gallery a while ago, possibly minus some photomanipulation for the helmet decals and some of the lights.

If you created this by altering someone else's picture, then you should give the person who made the original picture credit and link to their work.
Seukonnen's avatar
EDIT: Just checked and realized that the other one I saw was in fact a repaint of this picture, with proper credit given. Sorry for bothering you. ;)
Great-5's avatar
Oh wow...this is amazing! I love it!
RobbieDGrimm's avatar
your skills are.... i cant even handle it... Boss work my friend!
remixedcat's avatar
edge games stole this one off you!
DFModMaster's avatar
He looks like he knows he's not coming back, but is going to do his damnedest anyway. Wonder who he's attacking…
edudrinkerpro's avatar
reminds me metal gear xD
maillbucks's avatar
nate1994's avatar
This picture is awesome.
QuirkyCat's avatar
Simply stunning. Makes me feel like he's about to rip my throat out.
mindscapebd's avatar
Wow, dude... his eyes says: "Don't fu** with me, or you'll regret it." Great work as always, mate!
Aneirin-Aryon's avatar
Nice. I really like this piece. :D

The up close personal connection, and the ramped space of the cabin, the vastness of space, it's all there. Life and death are just a short distance away. You can really sense the tension.
2368's avatar
Nice helmet design! Love the picture, faving!
Durnstaros's avatar
Very nicely done, and I love the gritty and not so flashy look, something you might actually see someone wearing in the not too distant future.
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