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Wow, a humanoid shark with a robotic arm and a little friend on his back :D that's awesome :la:
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Look closer to the little friend. Can you guess the shark's name?
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Yep You read the comment that I someone posted before you saw this correct?
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
What? :?

I just looked at the picture, made a comment and later answered on your reply. I don't read the comments much. I thought there is a nemo reference because, at least I think so, the big shark's name was Bruce.
GrummanF-14's avatar
Oh well yeah that's it.
GrummanF-14's avatar
Yep Bruce from Finding Nemo as well as Steven Spielberg's summer colt classic JAWS.
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If he sais : "I have bought a Diamond poney. " I'm out of here.
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In the are friends not food...and one shark must stand against an evil army to protect his one fish friend.....A pixar film directed by Danny Trejo
TheUltimateGravoid's avatar
I would want to watch that movie. :la:
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Cool character, I see he has loads of fanart too, lmao
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dude you're hella rad
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Are there any words for how jawsome this is? NO, no there aren't.
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Kinda in love with him. This is amazing <3
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Is he a human with genetic alterations, or some sort of engineered organism?
This is beyond amazing.. Please tell me the clownfish speaks ><
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Awesome work here
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Shark + guns = Epically Awesome!
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Futuristic Street Sharks is all I see when I look at this.
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