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It's just Business -

This better work this time! Heres the Army of Two art that I've been working on forever, and finally finished. I only drew one because the other guy is cool..but this guy is cooler, I'll probably paint him later. So here it is guys, enjoy!
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*trying not to hyperventilate* this is purely amazing. I could NEVER attain this amazing rank..... It looks so freaking REAL. And I'm a huge AoT fan. But anyway... faving this epic piece of art~
Dude all your stuff is amazing, saw you on the stan winston page today. Love all your stuff.
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Sweet art of Elliot.
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I like the "Shieldballs" with the word "MERC"...
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Salen or Rios!?
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My little brother just wants you to know that this is like the best picture he's ever seen in his life.
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noticed it right away! love it
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Looks very "Army of Two"
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that's because it is.
i think on my last comment i said samus xD idk what i was thinking but yes this SALE
hahaha samus is my favorite always played as him, you are an amazing artists
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beatiful wall of army of two gongratulations ''sorry of english i'm a brazilian e your fan your pictures are incredibles''
awsome man!!!!!
awsome man!!!!!
awsome man!!!!!
awsome man!!!!!
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I love army of 2 you did a good job.
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mmmyea...I haven't checked your gallery in a while , now I see most of all the artworks that were in my favs were ...not in my favs anymore :| Sorry for spamming ...though you're probably constantly spammed anyway XDDDDD

This will always be one of my favorites <3 and the one with skittles/m&ms!!
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salem looks kick-ass here :-)
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