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Invincible - MARVEL 02 IRONMAN


The second of the covers, The Invincible Iron Man, AKA Tony Stark! I love this guys suit, hes totally badass.

So for my next one, it will be Wolverine.

Im also drawing Emma Frost, and Dead Pool and Cable! Then for the final, The X-Men and maybe one more!

Enjoy, and again, thanks for ALL the support!

Was inspired by one of my favorite artist Olisjosman's work. [link]
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I want to say those two jets look like F-15's, but they also look like F-18's in an aspect or two, NICE job though. Very nice. 
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Wow! I love MARVEL. You have cool drawings! Iron man <3
legomaestro's avatar
Great piece. Love the speed bubble on the other jet too
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IAstartov's avatar
Great suit's design!
ChrisRedfield777's avatar
Love the supersonic jump of the jet, though that happens while liftoff but still fits the picture. Brilliant shading and very detailed work!
DwarfOurfather's avatar
Amazing, I love it

BlueHorse17's avatar
I love the clouds!
TsuyoiMerushi's avatar
Holy crap this is amazingly beautiful!
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just amazing great job on this love the detail amazing job
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I want a suit like that...
OMG U are a GOD your Work is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Awesome art menn! Love the flying Ironman! :)
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Love how the plane breaks the sound barrier! :)
noctemvixen's avatar
beautiful. <3 ironman
zatham's avatar
The clouds are just breast-taking. Sorry, I always say breast-taking instead of breathtaking. Did you use a ref photo or is that just from your head?
Bilgekhan's avatar
Very good Angles and perfect drawing and colouring :D
Barlowzy's avatar
wow beautiful artwork love it!
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I always get inspired by seeing Iron Man flying along side airplanes, simply because the ability to fly has been one of man`s most ancient desires. And whereas most people accomplish it via cumbersome machinery (airplanes), Tony manages to fly more freely, with the use of ingenuity, thus being closer to the ideal!
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