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And finally, Hit Girl! The President of Lionsgate saw this one and said it's some of the best art he's seen for one of their movies :*)

Here are some promo shots that I did of the Kick-Ass characters for the campaign. These were some of the full body shots I was telling you about.

Hit Girl is all painted, BG is a production shot
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He's not lying
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Hit Girl's so awesome, she should've had her own movie
Would love to have this printed on metal background.
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Fawwey's avatar
woah look so real
NickLonelyGuy's avatar
Why are you so amazing? (?
100starryskies's avatar
I don't want to sound stupid but is this a painting or a photo? This is too realistic to be a painting.
tandaolong's avatar
Its a painting. A really, really, really good painting.
100starryskies's avatar
Holy crap. Holy crap. HOLY CRAP. First off, I feel stupid, and secondly, that's just amazing. I can't even... It's just too good.
ApocalypsEJP13's avatar
Wow, this is awesome. I love this. :iconwowplz:
flo-di's avatar
I wish I had your art skills
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Incredible how u do this !!! Amazing !!! Love u, love her !!!
IndigoAssassin's avatar
Incredible. She's my hero :3
ManishaChan's avatar
i really wish i knew how to make stuff like this!
Kamari12365's avatar
at first I thought it was a cosplay, then I read the description and then im like :iconpatrickplz:
ManishaChan's avatar
one day i'll surpass you :love:
BalthaZarDragon's avatar
Curious on how you get work like this?
RedAventador's avatar
Wow, incredible realism, I thought it was a photomanip at first! Love the intensity and determination in her eyes!
Guedemaster's avatar
Too good, get a job... lol just joking :D wow you are so talented :)
holy crap dude, that looks like a photograph!
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