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By DanLuVisiArt
Another painting for my book Popped Culture. 

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wouldn't the name be Gweezo?

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guess kermit didn't kermit die
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a cool picture, i like that this scene makes nonsense of (in a funny way) of when Greedo is turning on Han solo. you know wanting to kill him, Han knocks the phaser out of Greedo's hands and aims and shoots Greedo. that is the truth, i have seen the films, i know what happens.
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Ha ha ha and more ha ha!
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Going somewhere Hermit?
Niklas-Teac's avatar
he was the only one who did haha
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How could you do this to Han.
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beautiful pallet :D
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You sir, are my hero.
Gonzo must be getting sick and tired of dying so many times.
hackydacky69's avatar
I ALWAYS shoot first.
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holy sheep the texture on this is fantastic
its green on green crime
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it's not easy being green.
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Sure hope there's a follow up to this one where we can see Frog Solo bust a cap in Gweedo!  =D
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Exactly what the doctor ordered.
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Who punched the nose first; Gweedo or Princess Piggy!Pikachu-lol 
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