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Guts -

My tribute to Kentaro Miura and his magnum opus, BERSERK. Words cannot form to express how influential this series and Miura’s work has been since my childhood.  Rest in peace, master--and finally Guts, you may sleep.
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Oh shit it's Dan!! Real glad to see you pop in. Hope you're doing well.

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The legend who has returned to Deviantart

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Wow now that is a realistic guts. I can do some realism in pencil but I have no idea how to do it with digital art. Amazing stuff here

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Nice to see your work pop up in my Watch List. Always a pleasant surprise.

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Nice to see you back to drawing, you are missed so much!

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The detail on this is extraordinary

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haven't seen or heard from you in awhile, hope everything is fine...

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RIP. Sucks when great authors leave behind their works unfinished.

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A beautiful tribute!

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Woah! I waited soo long to see your art again! Great looking as always, you put so much care into all these rendering <3

Don't forget to post on Instagram, I not expected to find it first on dA :D

Keep it up!

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I first came across this manga from a music video someone did of Luca Turili's Kings of Nordic Twilight. Since then I've read it at least 4 times. Sad to see it left unfinished.

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For as big as Berserk is. There is a chance that Miura's team may continue the story; hopefully he left behind enough notes for the story to end they way Miura intended too. All we can do it hope.

Struggle on Struggler!

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