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Gabriel the 9th - LMS -

By DanLuVisiArt
Just being silly with an hour long or so painting of Gabriel, from my book LMS: Killbook of a Bounty Hunter.

Will be coming out very soon (Comic Con anyone?) so keep an eye out for more art. Gonna be a big book with over 40 pieces of original art by some of the communities top guys.

But for now, enjoy Gabriel and his purity receipts.

Revenge quests are expensive...

LMS fanpage: [link]
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bushye's avatar

Is he a videogame character?

AndrewVideos510Art's avatar

Badass Man, Wonderful

Hexxus-Bitch9000's avatar
smoking through the vents of his mask...Cool~
CISsuperdroid's avatar
Looks like Kabr's Vex helm from the Vault of Glass raid in Destiny... Still cool, though!
Kristallflamme's avatar
he looks sooooo awesome!
Mickey051089's avatar
Sorry for my ignorance but who the filppity-fuck is ''Gabriel'' and where does he come from
TheP4GAN's avatar
I can barely do a circle under an hour
cris1138's avatar
that would be one badass circle
sneakerphile's avatar
I would sooooo love to play this character in a game. I'm picturing a cross between Mass Effect and Space Marines! Awesome dude.
Chris000's avatar
Are those receipts pinned on his chest? Oh man, I did not see that coming! I'm getting a distinct 40K vibe from that little bit, which I am sure is your intent. Glory and Waffles for the Emperor! 
ArterightArtwork's avatar
what textures did you use??
AlphaCrucis's avatar
Is that a receipt on his chest? hahaha, great work here.
Ceretaker's avatar
Oh, so thats how he do it, nice.
Switchblade1080's avatar
That's some badass helmet smoking right there...
vampire-stars's avatar
amazing work,greetings
hollowkingking's avatar
smoking with vizard on epic
lealio-rom's avatar
WoOoW... Amazing!
Atroxa's avatar
so i don't know why, but i find this incredibly sexy
McFisher's avatar
Looks like Daft Punk took a turn for the worst
Epicat98's avatar
I like it!! *O* i have a commission for u.. A monster hunter with his familiar Monster :D
zokwani's avatar
How can someone look so badass without even showing his face ? Hmmm... Must be the cigarette. The smoke coming out of the mask makes it look awesome. 8-) I love every detail of the picture, but smokey effects have a special place in my heart :D
macietate's avatar
Dood, that is so awesome
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