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From the Grand Theft Otto series, Homer.

"If they were to pull off Krusty's heist, they were going to need a distraction, and Bart was best at that. Homer thought it was a stupid idea, but the money was too good to say no.

The next day, Bart and Otto arrived at Homer's house and readied up. They were to meet Lenny and Carl at the Springfield Bank where they robbery was supposed to take place.

Bart walked into the bank, and immediately began his stint, taking the security guards by surprise. And then Homer took over, bashing both in the head with his rifle and walking in, commanding every one to get down.

As the duffel bags were filled with cash, Lenny and Carl went to the larger dafe in the back. Homer watched guard, as Lenny and Carl finished their gig. After they destroyed the civilian's cell phones and took out the phone lines, the group left.

Homer rushed to Lenny's car, pushing Bart in. As he went to hand the duffel bag to Lenny, he was stopped with a cold Duff beer, courtesy of Lenny

"Hey Homer, you're gonna need this."

Boom. A gunshot went off, straight into Homer's leg. Homer dropped to his knees, as Lenny pushed him over. In the back of car, Bart struggled as Carl tried to contain him.

"We don't need the money, we got what we came for." The car drove off, speeding away as Homer regained his strength.

Chief Wiggum's police sirens grew louder as Homer got up, awaiting his final demise. He leaned up against a parked police car, taking out a loaded .45 pistol and cracked open his beer. As he took a sip, the rest of the boys in blue surrounded him, guns armed.

Homer smiled and said one final word.

"Doh." "
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Please make GTO Bart