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It's been a while, and I wanted to come back with something that actually had feeling with it, not just some action shot or fan art (because I'm done with that for a while), but I was told my a good friend,

"You're always remembered by your first fight; if you do poorly, no one will remember you. Be the best, and people will come to you."

I hope everyone can get that message and be the best at what they do as well, thanks for always supportin'.

Took about a day or less to do, tried to get something in between the work.

Till next time ;) enjoy.
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I would love this as a wallpaper
love it!  looks like hagan from gladius :)
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why can`t i get this as a poster?!
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i love how the new "more like this" function thinks this piece is so realistic and well-drawn that it's spitting out 3-D art XD.
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Any image that can successfully convey an emotion or make someone remember an emotion is priceless. And this does that on several levels for me, well done!
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Excellent job on this.

Epic image.
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amazing. =)
The picture is really great.
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How does this only take you a day? :o
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Wow Just WOW ! Amazing work !! ;)
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alpha gladiator! i love it <3
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His right Bicep look kinda funky. But overall its pretty nice.
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Are there any textures here. Or 3d stuff. I cant help but doubt it being all brush tool.
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This is awesome XD

That's an awesome quote ^^
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Absolutely brilliant.
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Damn...well this is impressive.
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nice man, love ya stuff speacially LMS
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