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Fish -

By DanLuVisiArt
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Character for L.M.S.

My graphic novel coming out 2010

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I could have sworn Fish just winked his eye at me!  Ha!  Very interesting character indeed.
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I don't know why, but this made me laugh. You've drawn this  monster of the sea and labeled it 'fish'. just... stupidly funny.
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A little Sam Keith-esque, I my opinion.  Very nice work.
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Fishy Noms!
Kewl work!
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Sonic the Hedgehog / This picture :
METH, not even once ^^

But nice :)
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Reminds me of Sam Keith's work a little bit. Very nice!
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love the detail and the tattoo is sweet...i think its funny that i would be attracted to such a strange foto lol....but i like strange!!
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Like this. Very Lilo and Stitch-esque.
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Awesome work you should check this guy out

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amazing!!! how did you do the scales? was it simply a texture for photoshop?
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Wow!! I Love This, just Amazing. Awesome Piece. :)
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... Okeeeey... I don't want to have this fish in my aquarium xD
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What was application that u use to make it? -nice
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lol cute ina evil way
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seriously bad ass... the green "fish" text just makes the giggling all the more intense. Love the muscle structure you have going into fish man.
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Reminds me alot of the cartoon "Street Sharks" Lol
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Wow!! I love the design! I love how he is eating another fish!
Very nice! That sir deserves an automatic win on the Internet!
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I think this is one of the fish my grandma did flush in the toilet years ago.
Amazing brush work and mood of the work. Also funky colour choice for char, compliments the mutation~
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oh Fish paste!!
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this is amazing, how long does a project like this take you??
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