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Eve -

Here's Eve! I'll paint Wall-E soon, but for now, enjoy the story:

"It only took two weeks after the arrival on Earth for the human's to realize they wanted no part in cleaning the trashed planet.

Wall-E (not-shown), the new found hero and leader of the human race, expressed that he would help rebuild the earth for the humans. As he was no longer a junk-bot, the Buy and Large bots turned Wall-E into a full fledged mech to help rebuild the cities.

Eve, Wall-E's love bot, helped him with this daunting task and over the years they created a utopia for the lazy and obese human beings. But as the humans became more comfortable, they soon turned the loving robots into mechanical slaves, putting the other Eve and Wall-E bots back to work.

The vile humans became abusive, dominating and inconsiderate, overworking and destroying the bots by the day. Hundreds of thousands of Eve and Wall-E's friends were killed by the people they were trying to protect.

Wall-E and Eve soon found themselves now back on the other end, being controlled yet again. Wall-E had his orders and was too introverted to talk to them.

However, Eve would not stand for it, and it would be here where the war of the robots began."

For more art, follow me at: [link]
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Closest thing to the Twisted Princess idea for EVE.

Last robot Standing?

get it Dan?

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I like the more realistic design of Eve.

Also, this is a possible outcome to the ending of the first movie.

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More like EVE of destruction
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where is the wall-e version?
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I love the realism 
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Dude she looks like a transformer
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i actaully wrote a story simillier.

after the humans return to earth, they rebuild the wall-e's and make more eve's to help rebuild earth.

but the robots revolt, feeling they are slaves.

eve sides with her robot brothers and sisters, but wall-e attempts to help the humans, beiliving that not all hu,mans are bad.

this causes the once two lovers to become enemies
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This is interesting, but I can imagine Eve killing the humans to be really heartbreaking, because I loved the way John, Mary and the Captain were in the movie. So picturing Eve killing them with there blood on her seems tear jerking.
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This is amazing!! :la: She looks so cool here!
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I feel ya EVE. Humans will never get it right~
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HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Who did she recently blast? Cyborg?
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