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Dino Robot vs Kraken -

By DanLuVisiArt
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You know how it goes for Privateer Press and Monsterpocalypse. Didn't design the creatures, just drew them bashing stuff up! Enjoy...took about 3 days.
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The title is painful knowing that the machine is Ghorgatron, a robot based on a space alien.
Alright I know this has already been mentioned but it looks like I'm gonna have to point it out to everyone. the robot is not based on a dinosaur even less tyrranix from the previous pic, it's based on on gorghadra who's a space alien. I'm not trying to put anyone down here I'm just pointing this out. as for the picture itself, it's really good, very well detailed, I can see what you mean by3 days worth of work. :)
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That is one seriously cool Kraken!
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Just amazing love it.
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ummm mechazilla?
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I Approve of this.
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great! as usual :clap:
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You are all an artist, fellow!!
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The flying things remind me of mutalisks in SC
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make a evangelion or gundaw wing stuuuuuf
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This is so great
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whatever you been smokin' I want some. You know, kinda reminds me of this evolution line like Darwins... only for the Japaneese the outcome where Mechanoids. Can't seem to find that image again.
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This is amazing... I've seen it all now.
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this farted awsomeness
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Wow, I love the water...
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Can't beat a giant dino robot. It wins by sheer dint of awesomeness.
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Well I for one am just glad to see that the Robot and Dino from the last submission decided to patch things up and have a baby.
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I'm loving these posts! I'd seen the game, but never tried it; the packaging art was always too small to appreciate
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