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Been a bit since I've posted something of my own, that's non LMS. I've been working on this piece for about three weeks, on and off. I have a small tutorial that goes with it if you watched me on FB, maybe I'll put it together for here soon.

Hope you enjoy it, I had a fun time with it and enjoy the outcome.

I'll post some details in scraps later, huge piece. 5000x7300

Edit: To find me on FB, just search my name. You'll know which one is me.
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Outstanding image! What power and beauty. Really well done Clap 
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Gorgeous picture! Nicely done!!
Very nice work. She reminds me of Samus Aran, the main Character of Metroid Gaming Series. :)
onomisha's avatar
Super work.....very nice composition. Love the power in those arms !! ❤️💫❤️
Monomakh's avatar
Awesome, great work :)
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Hey Officer Vi. New skin?
Chantel-sky's avatar
This is so awesome!
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D I V I N E !
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Totaly badass!!
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This is awesome, I have to get this as a print some time.
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this is fantastic. kind of reminds me of Samus from Metroid.
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frickin awesome
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this is AMAZING...
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Why does me make me even hotter?
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Beautiful image! Beauty, Charmed and originality ! Good job ![link]
dragonduo05's avatar
:D WOW! ITS Battle Angel Alita! :faint:
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Wow...amazing work! She is gorgeous :)
VENOM96's avatar
She will perfectly fits Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
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