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DC Comics - Riding a T-Rex

By DanLuVisiArt
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I'm on a t-rex.

Done in a couple of days for DC Comics. Best cover idea ever.

:love: dinosaurs.
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Bane on a T-Rex. That sounds absolutely terrified.

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Great job!! I made a comic book page involving a T-Rex, check it out:
Jurassic Fantasy (colour)
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I think I know why Bane was able to break the Bat now.
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Is that Spawn? O__O
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It's Bawnbones. Bane, Spawn, Crossbones, and any other character you want it to be. ;)
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Whoa, if being able to ride a T-Rex doesn't make one take a guy very seriously, nothing else will.
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Awesome work of Art
My favorite Batman villain riding my favorite dinosaur, how fitting. 
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Bane just got more badass
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This just blew my mind!
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This is the coolest shizzlefizzle everrrr
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That is one creepy-looking t rex!
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... Oh my god.... This is simply too cool for me to handle.
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This is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. 
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Bane... dressed like a barbarian... riding a T. Rex...

My life is complete.
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Joker: thats bane...right?
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