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DC Comics - Cat and Mouse - SS

By DanLuVisiArt
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This one was a lot of fun because I got to experiment with the composition and add, what i thought, more story to it.

Since his whole part of the series is kind of and mouse type of story ;) If you get the drift.

Plus I always like to push DC's limit on how violent I can make these.

done in a day and some change.
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Slackabout's avatar
This is one of the best portrayals of this character on here.
SkybladeRus's avatar
Неплохо его мышка побила)
JohnDervishi's avatar
Fucking awesome!
Cheshiregrinn67's avatar
<3 my little kitty
paladinpriest's avatar
catman is the true hero that gotham deserves
bmarcel85's avatar
love the contrast of this image...great job!
ariannafelidae's avatar
Love love LOVE Catman. Wonderful cover. Cannot say how much I love this!
UmbraAtramentum's avatar
how do you always make the blood look so realistic!?

I find many people often do blood to washed out or too dark, perhaps spread in unrealistic ways from the source etc, but your blood is just perfect!...Im not trying to sound masochistic but it really is something that I would like to have a tip on or two even a little bit because its not so hard on a black and white picture but in colour, I fail T_T

that is one tough mouse!
Samboy1234567890's avatar
Saw this in Wizard Magazine last year. Nice Job!
Umpalupa's avatar
Wowi Great art work
Emiko---Ellz's avatar
I knew this was one of yours from the preview!
i fucking love your stuff anyway and this is great.
Love the mouse ;)
Usurp's avatar
A fuckin' +
shawn74's avatar
I love the detail. Amazing.
Kein-Regulus's avatar
It's so cool!! It's so epic that it can pass off as a picture!! :D
djerebus's avatar
So f'ing good. Have you always been a fan of DC?
peyz4's avatar
magnificent work
kkht311's avatar
So cool. Great artwork.
that mouse sure did put up a hard fight.
TeddyBearMonsters's avatar
mugshotpro's avatar
Your excellent piece has been featured here:)
kargath64's avatar
what is this from?
(nice work btw)
soulfreeze's avatar
gotta push the limit to keep the audience?
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