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Crysis -

By DanLuVisiArt
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My Crysis pic before I leave for San Diego today!

I'm so excited, thanks for all the support guys lately, truly means so much to me. If any of you guys are here today at the Convention, come over and say hi! I'll be the geek in the jeans and black shirt with some Asian girl :P

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FINALLY!! I found a crysis drawing!!!
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this is an awesome piece, the textures, the sense of motion, the anatomy, but I think the part that stands out most to me is the face of the man on the left. Though the gloves, the bodysuit, the grass, the barrels, and the bulletproof glass bending are all awesome, the soldier throwing his hands up and screaming in what is probably his last moment is breathtaking, the skill with which you make your characters emote energy and life, I feel his terror, his pain, as he is about to be crushed. The key to great stories is making the reader/viewer relate to as many characters as possible, be they heroes, villains, or side characters. You tell a story with every piece of art, this one especially. The humanness of the soldier reminds the viewer of the fact that every seemingly unimportant soldier is a real person, with a real life, a husband, father, brother and cousin. A mentor or a student, and helps us to relate more deeply with even this small, unimportant side character. Though the hero in the red suit smashing through the glass is outstanding, the best part for me is the soldier on this side. Well done.
Maximum Strength
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maximum speed ...  :)
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Maximum armor :V
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Crysis woo hoo! I love the art! You did well on this one!
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Very nice moment you picked....unique perspective...AAMAZING!
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more Crysis please !!
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Every girls' crazy for a sharp-dressed man.
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This is Awesome
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nice punc!crysis for ever!
I like it! fantastic!
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I'm just wondering how you achieved the hexagons texture on the nanosuit. I'm trying to get that damn effect for one of my pics but no way.
Do you have a tip for me ?
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Fuck yeah! Love this artwork. ;)
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Cool, a bit messy but cool.
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Crysis: The Trial-by-Fire for a computer
The cost to have a computer run it perfectly: YOUR SOUL
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I used to have Crysis for my PC, but then I lost the game disk, and that makes me a sad panda. Oh well, I guess I just need to buy a new disk then!
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Very good. "Maximum Strength."
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awesome detail man i love it
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