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Captain America -

So before we get into another World War Z situation, let me explain.

I had an opportunity in mid 2008 to take a meeting with Marvel to show them my work for a concept I had for the Captain America movie. I took the meeting, and I also worked with another writer on a pitch for the film as well.

I'll leave it at that.

So here is what I showed them and they enjoyed it. Thought you guys should see, as this piece isn't being used for the movie and was only pitch art.

I wanted to take a realistic approach on his costume. Leave the scales for the Avengers move-type feel. More of a Saving Private Ryan meets Band of Brothers meets Captain America since the film takes place in the 1940's and NOT in modern time. Prototype vests, etc. Shield is more of a first generation type, breakable.

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so gorgeous!! 
la in love 
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The Avengers is one of my favorite films. Go for the captain!
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*Kraven shoots her plasma caster at Captain America, but Captain America protects himself with his shield*

*Kraven throws her spear at Captain America, but Captain America deflects it with his shield*

*Kraven swipes at Captain America with her wrist blades, but Captain America dodges every blow*

Kraven: You fight valiantly, and your resolve is like the fresh autumn wind in the hills of Doademando. I salute you.

*Kraven does a miliary-esque salute, and walks away*
Totally awesome, man.
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Why is his shield corroded??
Check out AheartMadeofRocks on Wattpad if you love Marvel!
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ah the most pathetic hero ever. 

needs steroids to win. 

really sums up the americans : being brute strength. 

man this guy is pure american arrogance and propoganda 
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Another stupid excuse for you asshats to hate on america. Idiot.
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oh yeah cause america is soooooooooooooo great.
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Go fuck yourself. The only thing your country is know for is its "coffee shops".
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I really like this picture of Captain America. Very well-detailed!
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Best picture of th Cap' I've seen so far.
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Awesome, great work :)
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Splendid job.  This is one of those pieces I'd favorite multiple times, if I could.  :D (Big Grin) 
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Looks better than the movie verison
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I wonder how many america hate comments there are?
I seem to find them all over the place. *sigh*
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THIS IS AWESOME! Great job on the details, lighting, shading, pose and background.
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